Vol. 10

Textual Reasoning, vol. 10, March 21, 2001

A message from the Editorial Board

Dear Readers and Network Members,

After extensive negotiations with a variety of presses for both electronic and hard copy versions of our TR journal Peter Ochs, Shaul Magid and Steve Kepnes have decided to go with University of Virginia as the electronic publisher of the journal and hold off on hard copy for the near future. None of the other publishers we spoke to have the experience and sophistication with electronic publishing that UVA has. In addition, UVA allows us to move forward with a modality which we have been using for over ten years and with which we are associated with those who know us. Finally, electronic publishing is much less expensive than hard copy publishing and will therefore not saddle us with a host of subscription and monetary issues. In starting with UVA we can still think of doing the hard copy at some future time and we will also explore publishing book versions of the best of the TR journal once every two years or so. The UVA version will offer us archiving and search capabilities and the "look" of the journal will be crisp and polished. We will be sure to have all of our entries peer reviewed and we therefore are sure that the professionalization of TR, which we all decided was the next step for us, will be accomplished.

Shaul and Steve are in the process of putting an advisory panel together and also moving ahead on the first issues which will be out starting next Fall. All of the TR board members constitute the editorial board of the journal so we will be calling on you to read articles for us. Please find below a list of the issues which we are planning. We would be most happy to receive submissions from you and additional suggestions for thematic issues. 

Meanwhile, we are planning our TR@AAR session on the Akedah with Marc Bregman on Midrash along with presentations by others on Medieval Exegesis, Quranic interpretations of Ishmael and presentations of the philosophical interpretations of Kierkegaard, Buber and Levinas. Look for postings of these texts on our Website and provisions for you to add your comments. The AAR session will be followed by a most important board meeting which all board members should attend.


Steven Kepnes

(For the Editorial Board)




What is Textual Reasoning?

Teaching Troubling Texts: Pedagogy and Textual Reasoning

Gender and Jewish Texts: Philosophical and Halakhic Perspectives

H. Cohen's Hermeneutical Writings

The Sources of Franz's Rosenzweig's STAR OF REDEMPTION 

Narrative and Textuality in Jewish Law

Levinas' Talmudic Readings as Textual Reasoning

Suffering and Reading: The Book of Job and the Reading of Scripture After the Shoah

Postliberal Judaism and Postliberal Christianity

Talmudic Discourse and Post-Zionist Discourse

Ethics and Reading

Liturgical Reasoning and Textual Reasoning