Volume 1, Number 1

Table of Contents


Introducing the Journal of Textual Reasoning: Rereading Judaism after Modernity.
Steven Kepnes
Colgate University


Why Textual Reasoning?
Robert Gibbs
University of Toronto

Why Textual Reasoning?
Aryeh Cohen
University of Judaism

Behind the Mechitsa: Reflections on the Rules of Textual Reasoning
Peter Ochs
University of Virginia

  Responses from the Editorial Board

Response to: "Why Textual Reasoning?"
Leora Batnitzky
Princeton University

The Ground of Textual Reasoning: Response to Robert Gibbs
Randi Rashkover
York College of Pennsylvania

The Brokenness (and Sacrality) of the Human Voice: A Response to Aryeh Cohen
Shaul Magid

Before the Law: Reflections on Textual (Un)Reasoning
Elliot R. Wolfson
New York University

Response to Peter Ochs
Zachary Braiterman
Syracuse University

Textual Reasoning
David Novak
University of Toronto

Fellowship, Recognition and/or Death
Shalom Carmy
Yeshiva University

Texts, Reason, and Homo liber, or: What I have learned I've learned through textual reasoning, together
Michael Zank
Boston University

  Responses from our Board of Consultants

Textual Reasoning as Social Performance: Meeting
Over the Text

Jim Fodor
St. Bonaventure University

Responses to Cohen, Gibbs, and Ochs
Hyam Maccoby
University of Leeds

  Epilogue Epilogue: The Function of Subjectivity in Textual Reasoning
Martin Kavka
Florida State University

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