The Journal of Textual Reasoning
Volume 6, Number 1
December 2010

Halakha and Morality


Guest Editor
Sam Fleischacker


Managing Editors
Rebecca Levi, Journal Issue Manager
Rebecca Rine, HTML Manager


General Editor
Peter Ochs


Table of Contents

  Introduction Introduction
Sam Fleischacker
University of Illinois, Chicago

  Primary Essay Halakha and Morality
Daniel Statman
University of Haifa

  Response Essays

Analysis and Synthesis in Halakhic Meta-Ethics
Shalom Carmy
Yeshiva University

Halakha and Legal Theory
Suzanne Stone
Yeshiva University

Formalism, Morality, and Ovadia Yosef: A Response to Daniel Statman
Devorah Schoenfeld
Loyola University Chicago

Response to Daniel Statman
Menachem Kellner
University of Haifa

Reframing Professor Statman's Inquiry: From History to Culture
Mark Rosen
Chicago-Kent College of Law

  Afterword A Reply
Daniel Statman
University of Haifa

  Contributors Contributor Biographies

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